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"The small moment of joy she found in the slice of light that came through her window. The therapeutic calm as she steeped her tea ..." 


Available in 2 sizes:

A3 - 13 X 19" : $65 CAD

A4 -  8.5 x 11" : $35 CAD


This wall art is printed on Canon Pro Luster, a superior quality paper with a smooth luster finish, offering a slightly textured surface that resists glare, fingerprints and outstanding colour reproduction.


Each print is stamped by the artist.


  • Printed on Canon Pro Luster Paper


    Sizes available:

    A4 (8.5 x 11"): $35CAD

    A3 (13 x 19"): $65CAD



  • Please refer to Terms and Conditions for related information

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